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  • Elaine Stratford

    Elaine Stratford

    Intrigued by how we flourish in place and on the move. Professor of Geography, University of Tasmania. Here, views my own.

  • Griffith University Yunus Centre

    Griffith University Yunus Centre

    The Yunus Centre at Griffith University exists to equip people with the know-how to navigate change and create positive societal impact.

  • Alex Steffen

    Alex Steffen

    I think about the future for a living. Writer, public speaker, strategic advisor. Projects: Worldchanging; Carbon Zero; Heroic Future; The Nearly Now.

  • Patrick Belmont

    Patrick Belmont

    Patrick Belmont is a river scientist with a rapidly shrinking carbon footprint. He’s dead serious about solving the climate crisis.

  • Jessica Wildfire

    Jessica Wildfire

    Unfluencer. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

  • Circular Cities 2030

    Circular Cities 2030

    Circular Cities 2030

  • SOM


    We are a collective of architects, designers, engineers, and planners building a better future. To learn more, visit www.som.com.

  • Jayne Engle

    Jayne Engle

    Cities & Places director @jwmcconnell @cities4people| Adj Professor McGill Univ urb plg | next gen cities & philanthropy/ participatory planning| @JayneEngle

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