Small, diverse communities connected to each other and to nature. As the era of megacities reaches its end, here’s what comes next.

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The shift to a ‘zero marginal cost’ economy can shrink communities and solve systemic social & environmental problems.

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Imagining a ‘zero marginal cost’ economy

…and why it matters!

Image: Michelangelo Buonarroti — Hands of God and Adam, detail from The Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling, 1511

The tension between economic growth and freedom from work.

Ancient Greek symposium on vase by Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikipedia

Reflecting, Connecting and Regenerating Communities & Country

Felix Mittermeier via Unsplash

Strategic Planning for a Network of Regenerative Villages

Purpose of the paper

Becoming Indigenous

A virtually connected network of circular economy villages

Prosperity, Efficiency, Equality and Freedom from work

It’s not in anyone’s interest for house prices to keep going up

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A network of zero marginal cost, regenerative settlements

Steven Liaros

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